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Riddhi Mukherjee
Research Analyst
Riddhi is an Analyst with the Center for Energy Finance (CEF) team. At The Council, she works on tracking the renewable energy market and contributes towards solutions to create an inclusive and feasible RE market. Prior to The Council, she has interned with Climate Policy Initiative, where she has on worked on formulating a vulnerability analysis to rank the coal transition affected states in India. She has also worked as a Summer Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi where she designed and implemented a research project to understand the effect of a failed land acquisition on the agricultural income in West Bengal. Riddhi holds a masters’ degree in Environment and Resource Economics from TERI School of Advanced Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bethune College, University of Calcutta. Belonging to Calcutta, she has plunged in various interests, ranging between music, sports and photography among others. She is a trained vocal classical singer and a shooting guard representing her basketball club in various state level meets. She has also led the design team of her university’s sustainability magazine, Vasundhara during her tenure.
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February 2024
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Riddhi Mukherjee
Instruments & Regulations
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Riddhi Mukherjee

CEF Open Access Resources

Determines open access charges and the potential economic savings for industrial consumers through minimal input options.
Determines open access charges and the potential economic savings for commercial/industrial consumers through detailed input options.
Compare states for waivers on open access charges for procurement via renewable energy.
Compare open access charges across states for different modes (captive/third party) and technology (solar/wind).

CEF Electric Mobility Dashboard

EV Volume
The National Volume Monitor provides annual EV volume performance. It features a dynamic interface with a dual filter.
EV Calculator estimates the financial savings and environmental benefits of shifting from a conventional vehicle (ICE) to an EV.
EV Penetration
The EV Penetration Heatmap allows users to visually differentiate states based on EV penetration in their total vehicle sales.
State Policy
The State Policy Matrix features a two-level comparison of consumer EV policies across four categories for each of the 14 states that have introduced them.