Kerala allocates over Rs 12,500 cr for phase-I green hydrogen valley, green transport corridor

Ruchita Shah

Notable because

Kerala has allocated INR 12,400 crore for greening existing economic trade corridors by providing opportunities for e-mobility, industry, renewable energy, transport, tourism, and trade. Additionally, it has allocated INR 90 crore for phase-I of the green hydrogen (GH2) valleys project. Kerala is the second state, after Gujarat, to plan GH2 valleys under the Mission Innovation initiative. GH2 valley projects bring the entire hydrogen value chain – production, storage, distribution, and utilisation –in close geographical proximity.

What to look out for in the months ahead

Will more states follow Kerala’s footsteps and earmark budgets to transform trade corridors?

Which other states will take up GH2 valley development projects?

Additionally, in case the end consumers and RE resources are dispersed across neighbouring states, will there be collaborations between states in developing GH2 valleys?