Electric Mobility

Delhi govt to deploy electric scooters and e-cycles in Dwarka for last-mile connectivity

Riddhi Mukherjee

Notable because

The Delhi government had earlier announced a public e-scooter and e-cycle sharing facility (PeSS and PeCS, respectively) to increase sustainable last-mile connectivity. The sharing facilities were planned for 150 locations across the city. Its first pilot, consisting of 3,000 e-two-wheelers (e-2Ws) in Dwarka, available across 90 locations, comes at an estimated cost of INR 18 crore. In the past few years, EVs have played a pivotal role in bridging last-mile connectivity in several states.

What to look out for in the months ahead

In other states, last-mile connectivity efforts have been led by e-rickshaws, which largely run on  lead-acid batteries. Will the Delhi government’s e-2W–based efforts lay the path for an alternative to existing last-mile connectivity options?

A strategic selection of drop-off locations will be crucial to the success of this pilot.