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Which districts are suitable for ‘small capacity pumps’?

1 HP and sub-HP pumps could help marginal farmers meet their irrigation needs and could also be put to use for lift irrigation, provided there is access to surface water. A high proportion of marginal farmers, a good water table and better access to loans for marginal farmers are some of the conditions that favour the deployment of 1 HP and sub-HP pumps.

The tool filters all districts where ‘Area under horticulture crops as a share of gross cropped area percentile’ is greater than 25. This ensures higher revenue for farmers and higher capacity utilisation of solar pumps. The tool also filters all districts where the ‘Post Monsoon Water level depth percentile‘ is greater than 50. This ensures the economic viability of the pumps. Additionally, the tool filters all districts where the ‘Proportion of marginal farmers percentile’ is greater than 25.

10000ft for Data Dashboard: Promote 1 HP and sub-HP pumps
Block Pattern: Regular