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  • Council on Energy, Environment and Water (2016), 'Climate Change: Risks and Vulnerabilities', Factsheet, November [ read now ]
  • Council on Energy, Environment and Water (2016), 'Greenhouse Gas Inventory of India's Industrial Sector, Factsheet, November [ read now ]
  • Neeraj Kuldeep, Karthik Ganesan, Vaibhav Gupta, Aditya Ramji, Kanika Chawla, and Manu Aggarwal (2016), 'Energy Storage in India: Applications in the Renewable Energy Segment', November [ read now ]
  • Pallav Purohit and Vaibhav Chaturvedi (2016), 'Techno-economic Assessment of Biomass Pellets for Power Generation in India', October [ read now ]
  • Kanika Chawla and Manu Aggarwal (2016), 'Anatomy of a Solar Tariff: Understanding the decline in solar bids globally', October [ read now ]
  • Manu Aggarwal, Karthik Ganesan, Kanika Chawla, and Shikha Bhasin (2016), 'Can India's Developmental Flight Take Off? What the ICAO Global Market Based Scheme means for India', October [ read now ]
  • Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Bhaskar Deol, Steve Seidel, Anjali Jaiswal, Ankita Shah, Mohit Sharma, Nehmat Kaur, and Stephen O. Anderson (2016), 'Cooling India with Less Warming: Examining Patents for Alternatives to Hydroflurocarbons', October [ read now ]
  • Vaibhav Chaturvedia and Lekha Sridhar (2016), 'Economy-Wide Costs Versus Cost to the Multi-Lateral Fund: A comparison of CEEW-IIASA and TEAP cost of estimates, Factsheet [ read now ]
  • Pallav Purohit, Lena Hoglund-Isaksson, Imrich Bertok, Vaibhav Chaturvedi, and Mohit Sharma (2016) 'Scenario Analysis for HFC Emissions in India: Mitigation potential and costs', September [ read now ]
  • Arunabha Ghosh, Kanika Chawla, Neeraj Kuldeep, Manu Aggarwal, Anjali Jaiswal, Sameer Kwatra, Nehmat Kaur, Bhaskar Deol, and Eric Weiner (2016) 'Greening India's Financial Market: Opportunities for a Green Bank in India', August [ read now ]
  • Council on Energy, Environment and Water, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited, and Natural Resources Defense Council (2016) 'Setting up a Green Bank: A Solution to India's Clean Energy Finance Barriers', Factsheet, August [ read now ]
  • Rudresh K Sugam, Poulami Choudhury, and Jennifer Hartl (2016) 'Promoting Neo-Traditional Agriculture to Achieve Food and Livelihood Security, and Climate Change Adaptation' Policy Brief, July [ read now ]
  • Kanika Chawla (2016) 'Money Talks? Risks and Responses in India's Solar Sector', CEEW Working Paper, June [ read now ]
  • DST (2016): A report on 'Critical Non-Fuel Mineral Resources for India's Manufacturing Sector: A Vision for 2030', Vaibhav Gupta, Tirtha Biswas, Karthik Ganesan, Council on Energy, Environment and Water. New Delhi, India [ read now ]
  • Mohit Sharma, Kangkanikaa Neog, Rudresh Kumar Sugam, and Aditya Ramji (2016) 'Decentralised Waste Management in Indian Railways' CEEW Issue Brief, June [ read now ]
  • Abhishek Jain, and Aditya Ramji (2016) 'Reforming Kerosene Subsidies in India: Towards Better Alternatives' May [ read now ]
  • Arunabha Ghosh, Kanika Chawla, Anjali Jaiswal, Sameer Kwatra, Meredith Connolly, Nehmat Kaur, Bhaskar Deol, Anna Mance, Douglass Sims, Sarah Dougherty, Jeff Schub, and Rob Youngs (2016) 'How Green Bonds Can Drive Clean Energy Deployment' May [ read now ]
  • Arunabha Ghosh, Kanika Chawla, Anjali Jaiswal, Sameer Kwatra, Meredith Connolly, Nehmat Kaur, Bhaskar Deol, Anna Mance, Douglass Sims, Sarah Dougherty, Jeff Schub,and Rob Youngs (2016) 'Investigating Opportunities for a Green Bank in India' Interim Report, May [ read now ]
  • Abhishek Jain, Shalu Agrawal, and Karthik Ganesan (2016) 'DBTL Performance Evaluation: Insights from the World's Largest Subsidy Benefit Transfer Scheme' May [ read now ]
  • Vaibhav Gupta, Tirtha Biswas, and Karthik Ganesan (2016) 'Mineral Resource Security for a Low-Carbon Indian Economy' Policy Brief, April [ read now ]

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Transition to Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants in India: The Foam Sector Shows the Way  By Ankita Sah, Lekha Sridhar, and Vaibhav Chaturvedi With the upcoming global negotiations to the Montreal Protocol, it is likely that an amendment...
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In India, around 74 million rural households lack access to modern lighting services and a larger proportion of the population (around 840 million) continue to be dependent on traditional biomass energy sources
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