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Ongoing Projects

  • Implementation of National Water Poicy in States 

CEEW is helping Asian Development Bank (ADB) launch state and central agency consultations. CEEW will conduct workshops and facilitate constructive discussion with stakeholders to identify key constraints and requirement for NWM/12th FYP WUEI agenda implementation by state and define a possible strategy for supporting states including clear and concrete priority actions.

  • Integrated Energy, Environment and Water Reforms

CEEW intends to work closely with state governments to develop integrated energy, environment and water plans. CEEW has already advised Bihar on water-climate linkages.This research feeds into our work with the government.

Completed Projects

  • CEEW-Veolia Roundtables on Urban Water Management 

CEEW and Veolia Water India, a key solution provider in urban water management, are jointly organised five Roundtables on urban water resources management. Spanning about a year, each roundtable discussion focused on one crucial issue like data collection and measurement, regulatory frameworks and capacity building. Collectively, the discussions aimed to broaden and deepen the dialogue on the challenges with urban water management across a range of stakeholders and offer directions for on-going and further research.

A set of participants who are well-conversant with the issues and who represent different stakeholder groups: government, regulators, utilities, service providers, financial institutions, end-users, and civil society organisations explored areas of critical concern, opportunities to scale positive interventions, and identified the needs for further research and information. Mr Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission, recently launched a report published by CEEW on urban water and sanitation in India. Click Here to read.

  • Intstitutional Reforms at the Ministry of Water Resources Department (MWRD), Bihar
  • Intstitutional Reforms for Water Use Efficiency in Agriculture

CEEW worked on a project to identify and analyse international experiences with institutional reforms for water efficiency in agriculture.  Its paper, which was released at an event it organised at the India Water Week, examined successful water-related institutional reforms that have improved water use efficiency in several countries including, but not limited to, China, Turkey and Mexico.The lessons from these countries were further examined in light of what might be relevant for India’s national, regional and local water institutions. Click Here to read the paper.

  • National Water Resources Framework Study

CEEW prepared a National Water Resources Framework Study for the Planning Commission, which is expected to feed into proposals for the12th Five Year Plan. CEEW's research was discussed at a national workshop at the Planning Commission on 14 July 2011. Click Here to read the report.This research carried with researchers in India and abroad forms a major part of our work with the government on water issues.

  • National Water Resources Framework Study: Roadmaps for Reforms

As a follow up to the National Water Resources Framework Study submitted to the Planning Commission of India on 14th July 2011, CEEW was also asked to develop roadmaps for reforms at the state level. for the 12th Five Year Plan and beyond. CEEW has started to engage with a few state governments to present the proposed reforms. You can find the study Here.

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