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CEEW Research Fellow Dr Vaibhav Chaturvedi Speaks at TISS Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
30 Sep 2014

Dr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi was a key speaker at a panel discussion on 'Mitigation Targets and Options for India'. The discussion was part of a three-day conference on climate change and sustainable development organised by TISS, Mumbai, from 21-23 August. At this conference, Vaibhav presented CEEW's research on 'Modelling long term HFC emissions from India's residential air-conditioning sector'. He began by highlighting the fact that a large part of research is devoted to carbon-dioxide, non-CO2 gases are not adequately addressed and this is the research gap that CEEW’s HFC research is addressing.

Dr. Chaturvedi then presented a brief history of HCFCs, Montreal Protocol, and the impending rise of HFCs. He further discussed the key objectives of CEEW's HFC research which included understanding how fast HFC emissions will grow across sectors in the long term future and what will be the associated global warming impact, what is the mitigation potential of alternative low GWP gases across sectors, and what will be the associated cost. He also spoke about the modelling framework, methodology and results from the initial research that focuses on the residential AC sector.

The results show that HFC emissions, if unabated, will be responsible for almost a third of the total global warming impact of the sector in the long term. Energy efficiency and alternative gases hence have an important role to play in the abatement of HFCs. Dr Chaturvedi concluded by highlighting that this research is part of a larger research that aims at understanding the mitigation potential and costs across various sectors and hence is topical and important from the policy perspective.

Read: Modelling Long Term HFC Emissions from India's Residential Air-Conditioning Sector

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