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Op-ed in TOI today: More lethal greenhouse gas
25 Oct 2013

An op-ed by CEEW's Arunabha Ghosh regarding the ongoing negotiations on hydrofluorcarbons (HFCs) in the context of the Singh-Obama joint statement on phasing down HFCs was published in today's edition of the Times of India. This week, at the Montreal Protocol meetings in Bangkok, India's negotiators are backtracking from the Prime Minister's commitments to reduce HFCs, which are hundreds and thousands of times more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse gases. The op-ed scrutinizes how valid the concerns against acting on HFCs raised by Indian negotiators actually are. Click here to read the op-ed.

CEEW Blog-Connecting dots
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In India, around 74 million rural households lack access to modern lighting services and a larger proportion of the population (around 840 million) continue to be dependent on traditional biomass energy sources
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