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CEEW conducts state consultation for National Water Use Efficiency Improvement Program
25 Jun 2013

To support the implementation of the National Water Mission (NWM) by state governments in India, CEEW conducted a consultation in Hyderabad with representatives from various states, in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources and the Asian Development Bank, to understand and obtain views on key concerns and constraints that they face while trying to increase water use efficiency by 20%, one of the key strategic goals outlined by the NWM.

A core objective of the NWM and the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) is the improvement in the efficiency and productivity of water use on major and medium irrigation (MMI) schemes. Since concerns pertaining to MMI projects requiring redressal vary from state to state as well as from project to project, including associated reform initiatives, CEEW, with support from the Asian Development Bank, helped MoWR conduct the workshop by preparing a format for effective consultation with the states.

The discussions and outputs from the workshops will form a core contribution to the formulation of a medium-term (8-12 years) nationwide programme to support state governments in implementing measures to increase water use efficiency and agricultural productivity on major and medium irrigation schemes.

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